Brecht house – one of them

I spent a lovely culture vulture day in the Brecht/Weigel-house (to get to look around in Bertolt Brecht’s library! Daaaaaat!) with a bunch of lovely people from all over the world yesterday. We took the guided tour and it was short but sweet, with an engaged and lovely guide.

We moved on to the graves of Brecht and Weigel – just outside their house, one can in fact see that part of the graveyard from Brecht’s old desk – (you’ll find the graves of Brecht’s old idol Hegel and Christa Wolf and and and… and many other important people, yours truly knows that graveyard like her own back pocket, it’s one of the best ones in Berlin, maybe THE best one) afterwards. Some lovely gravespotting, a beer in Monbijoupark and then we went on to – tadaaaaa – Dussmann.

The Brecht/Weigel love story is ANYTHING but trivial and I decided that I wanted to read Brecht’s love poems. Let’s see what they can do to a cynic like me.


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