Arkiv för 8 april, 2018


I went to Germany’s oldest movie theater to see a Swedish movie, Sameblod, a couple of days ago. It was an unexpectedly strong experience for many reasons and I cried on and off for 1,5 hour. Das Mädchen aus dem Norden – go see it if you can, it’s a strong statement connecting to a shameful part of Swedish history.

Bonus: amazing scenery from the part of Sweden where my mother came from. Very moving. This will stay in my mind for a long time.

And I might engage in the association connected to the screening, I guess they could smell a culture vulture a mile away, so I was approached with the question “wouldn’t you want to join?”. Lass uns sehen. Let’s see.

Hopped on the S-Bahn again

One of my best friends from Sweden did a quick dash in dash out earlier this week, she’s a fairly seasoned Berlin visitor so I wanted to take her to a new place – we hopped on the S3 and headed towards Köpenick.

We said hi to the Hauptmann, ate some very brown and tasty (”the way your grandma cooked it”) traditional German food, took a walk in the Altstadt and finally sat down for a while in the sweet park by the castle.

It’s a fairly short trip, very very worth it. The small town feel, the water, the beautiful houses. The walk by the Dahme. Just do it!