Arkiv för 3 april, 2018

The minions are back in Mauerpark

I caught the S9

Not as warm as that glorious Sunday two weeks ago, but 11C was good enough for me to do a loooooot of running around. I took the train to Plänterwald and then walked back to the city, passed by lots of favourite places before getting lazy in Kreuzberg = Ubahn home. I’ll walk all the way some other day.

Frühling in Berlin. I’ve waited for this…!

Back to the Tudors

I developed a huge interest for anything Anne Boleynish around 25 years ago (maybe even more 🙄), this escalated quickly into full on Tudor fixation, with a small branch aiming at Maria Stuart too. Buuuuut, as so often, this nerd area was replaced (or put on pause) due to a new geeking out opportunity, focusing on some other area. Ahem.

I’ve had these books sitting on my TBR shelf for many years now, I finally finished them this weekend and yes – amazing. I can see that the level of detail might be confusing for those who haven’t read much about this before, but for me it was a sheer pleasure.

I will have to have some patience waiting for the third book though. Might dive into the rest of her production in the meantime.